To John, Scott and the rest of the BlueSun Solutions people, I want to say thank you and thank you for saving our stolen truck and fully loaded trailer.

The whole thing started at about 6:30 pm on November 7, 2014. After picking up a full trailer load my driver stopped to get coffee. A witness told the police that our driver got out of the truck, locked the door, and walked away. When he was about 20 feet away, a man walked up to the cab and, in seconds he was in and driving off.

My driver’s phone was in the cab, he used one of the witness cell phone to call my cell phone. I log in to my BlueSun Solutions account and click on the truck icon. I called the Police and when I was on the phone with them, my computer got crashed. I panicked and I called John from BlueSun Solutions, who was off duty and out to dinner, but he still helped out. Using his phone he logged in and gave me the location of the truck. John then called Scott at his home, and he logged in to my account and found the truck. Scott called me in seconds. As the ordeal kept going Scott was tracking my truck and trailer from home using the BlueSun Solutions’ TruckTracking.us web site. Scott kept me updated on the truck and trailers moving paths. I relayed that information to the police as things changed. The thief drove around for an hour.

When the truck and trailer finally stopped, Scott called me and gave me the exact location of my stolen truck, it was parked behind a building. I called the police again to give them the exact address, and in a few minutes they found our track and trailer fully loaded.

If it was not for my BlueSun Solutions GPS tracking, my truck and trailer and its full load would have gone and both our company and our customer would have lost a great deal of money.

Thank you


November 8, 2014