Trucks and Trailers Tracking Solutions

The cost of keeping track of your trucks and trailers can be very expensive and time consuming. From finding where the driver is to the location of where the truck or trailer is. The cost of the labor to keep track of all your trucks, trailers and drivers, it all adds up.

We at BlueSun Solutions, LLC have come up with the state of the art solutions to these problems. We can also customize Solutions to fit your needs at a low cost. Our Solutions will save you time and money.

We have 3 systems for keeping your costs down and track of your trailers. Just pick the solution that fits your needs.

Solution #1 comes with a battery and regulator we plug into your trailers power system. This is our lowest cost solution. This solution is great for trailers that are always on the move.

Solution #2: If your trailer has an existing solar panel we plug in a battery and a regulator to your system.

Solution #3: Is called big blue. If you have trailers that get parked and sometime have to wait for days to be loaded this is a solution. It comes with a brand new efficient solar panel, battery and regulator.

All 3 systems start with our website service and a GPS tracking device.